Providing the floor area of the property will result in a more accurate rebuilding cost (even if it is an estimate). If floor area is not available, use the number of room and/or number of bedrooms option. Providing both the number of rooms and bedrooms will help in estimating the floor area.

The floor area for houses should represent the gross external floor area measured in square metres. This can be calculated by taking the ground floor area of the property measured externally and multiplied by the number of floors (unless the building is stepped when an appropriate adjustment should be made).

Include integral garages, ie those that are part of the ground floor area and are covered by the main roof of the property. Do not include attached or detached garages.

Include conservatories.

Include rooms in the roof space (but not uninhabitable loft space). Measure the area internally and make an allowance for external walls (say 300mm).

Exclude balconies extending beyond the external wall face.

The value entered must be in square metres. If you have the area in square feet then divide by 10.76 to give the area in square metres.